We create full environments from different time periods throughout history which allow the user to not only see contextual history, but through interactive experience get a feel of the social, economic and moral factors in force. Walk down the street in ancient Rome or explore the conditions of World War I trenches. Explore the pyramids and ancient structures in Giza or visit the Coliseum. Take a tour of the Globe Theatre or a Tudor-era battle ship. Students are completely immersed in the past, bringing history to life in a new and exciting way.

The user can interact with objects and retrieve data about them. Radios can be turned on, letters can be read, and the whole experience is enhanced by 7.1 stereo surround.

Children are encouraged to explore and discover information freely and at their own pace. All environments have been developed to the standard of the best console games for home entertainment, making the whole learning process more enjoyable.

This is only a sample of our content.  Our 3D library is constantly expanding, and all new material is immediately available.

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