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Do your students enjoy practical tasks, but switch off in the classroom?

Do your students lack real-life construction experiences?

Do your students find aspects of construction hard to understand?

Gaia Virtual Construction bridges the gap between education and the real world of construction. The software gives construction students the opportunity to explore the complete construction site environment. Students discover tools, materials, machinery and building techniques within a virtual construction site environment.

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See What Construction Educators Say About Gaia Virtual Construction

Gaia Virtual Construction is a major step forward in construction learning, being developed by Gaia Technologies, a world leader producer of 3D educational software.

The software is developed with knowledge and input from construction professionals and educators.

Gaia Virtual Construction provides a realistic, interactive and engaging learning experience for students. Used by Colleges across the UK, educators see dramatic improvement in student participation and engagement. Knowledge retention and comprehension levels are also improved when using Gaia Virtual Construction.



The software packed full of construction environments, models and animations, including:

  • An interactive, 3D construction site complete with plots in different stages of construction. Students discover about the development and progression of a typical housing estate.
  • Detailed models of vehicles, tools and machinery that can deconstructed and inspected from any angle. By manipulating 3D models of construction processes, Students are better able to understand them.
  • Tools, materials and techniques from across the trades, covering both domestic and commercial construction. Trades include brick laying, carpentry & joinery, electrical, painting & decorating, plumbing and surveying.
  • Interactive construction documentation, giving students a better understanding of the paperwork that underpins construction. From accident reporting and risk assessment forms to purchase orders and Gantt charts.
  • Typical maths calculations. Students solve context-based maths puzzles, covering Pythagoras, trigonometry, area, perimeter and costs and VAT.
  • Higher-level models and animations, giving students a fuller picture of the world of construction. Including eco-friendly and traditional power generation, fracking, the water treatment cycle and more.

Unlike anything on the market, the jewel in the crown of the Gaia Virtual Construction Site is the ability of students to walk through a realistic, physics-accurate 3D virtual construction site, which is complete with 11 building plots in various stages of construction. Students navigate through the construction site in a first-person view, making them feel as if they are actually there on-site.





The software is designed to complement a College’s construction curriculum and improve student’s ability to learn. The software helps students learn complex, often hard-to-visualise building concepts and techniques, as well as enhacing the learning experience overall. The software;

  • Is syllabus-based and industry-standard – the Gaia Virtual Construction Site has been developed with consultation from leading construction professionals and construction educationalists, ensuring that it is reflective of both a real construction site and the way it’s been taught.
  • Is cross-trade – with industry standard models, environments and calculation content from across most trades.  The Gaia Virtual Construction Site has a categorised interface, broken down by the different construction courses, allowing lecturers and students to focus on content from individual trades.
  • Is growing – the library of 3D content is being constantly updated.
  • Is flexible – we can incorporate your own content directly into the system. You can link the software to anything you want, Youtube videos, construction websites and even to documents within your institutions Moodle or Blackboard portal.
  • Increases engagement – schools see dramatic improvement in student participation, knowledge retention and comprehension.
  • Works in both 2D and stereoscopic 3D – take the enhancement to another level with the stereoscopic 3D version of the software (requires additional hardware and 3D glasses), which is included as part of the software, at no extra cost.
  • Is ideal for – teaching in large lecture theatre screens, large display screens in the classroom or workshop, student PCs, laptops, touchscreens and non-touchscreens – the software is incredibly flexible, meaning it can be used in a wide range of teaching scenarios.

What Construction Educators Say About Gaia Virtual Construction

Gaia Virtual Construction engages and enhances the learning of students in across the UK. Here’s what educators are saying about the Gaia Virtual Construction software:

“It’s difficult for students with no industry experience to come into a classroom and start to understand and develop their construction skills without any site experience whatsoever…this is a really good, valuable resource”

Paul Burton-Jones, BTEC Co-ordinator, Llandrillo College

“it’s very difficult to access a live building site…by using this resource we can bring a building site into the classroom at the flick of a switch…this resource is the future”

Brian Frost, Head of Construction, The Dukeries Academy 


Find out how Gaia Virtual Construction will enhance teaching and learning and give students the skills and knowledge they need when they move on from education & into the real world of construction. Contact:

Rhys Owen
Sales & Marketing Executive
Tel: 01248 675 800
Mob: 07772615881


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