Creative Arts

Bring famous and world-renowed works of art into the classroom with Gaia’s 3D Visual Learning Solution. Examine Michelangelo’s David or  view the Venus de Milo from the comfort of your classroom, and all in stunning detail from 360 degrees.

Other examples of Creative Arts assets available in our 3D Library include a fully interactive orchestra. Students can choose to play each instrument  individually or put multiple instruments together to form a full section. For instance, listen to the sound of an individual violin or all of the string section at once.

Within this area we also cover the creation of assets that can be used in the 3D viewer. Students are encouraged to create their own 3D models and integrate them into the system. We assist in training and demonstrate how third party packages integrate simply and easily with our software.

We also have a product that demonstrates the multimedia aspect of our content. This allows students and teachers to create other media, such as videos and sound recordings, and incorporate these into the lesson.

This is only a sample of our content. Our 3D library is constantly expanding, and all new material is immediately available.

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