Students are encouraged to explore and interact with everything from single cells to complex organisms and their environments. 3D models allow pupils and teachers to explore the world around them in a virtual environment. Explore complete eco-systems and interact with all the animals within that environment. View the life cycles and internal organs of animals and see how they fit into their environment and the local food chain. This exploration encourages students to develop and evaluate explanations of natural phenomena, encouraging critical and creative thought.

This unique, custom-tailored learning experience has been developed closely with students and teachers to cover all areas of biology as set out by the National Curriculum. Examine plant and animal cells, dissect specimens from frogs to snails, examine a human kidney or complete vascular system all in stunning detail and from all angles. This allows students to understand complex issues like these by learning through observation and investigation rather than by instruction.

This is a hands-on learning tool that encourages engagement, participation, and collaboration among students as they share their discoveries and developments to gain a common understanding of the subject being taught. Students are able to experiment, discuss and develop ideas using real-life examples as a basis for finding out about science.

This is only a sample of our content. Our 3D library is constantly expanding, and all new material is immediately available.

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