Gaia3D U.S.A.

Gaia now in the USA!

Gaia’s revolutionary 3D learning platform crossing the Atlantic!

Memphis City Schools(MCS) and schools in New York City have recently joined Gaia 3D and embarked on a journey towards a new era of 21st century teaching.

Gaia Technologies Plc has been working with UK and international educationalists to create an innovative teaching tool that reinforces enquiry-based learning and nurtures love for education.

Our recent work alongside U.S. schools has enriched our library of 3D learning resources, enabling us to develop new exciting content specifically for the U.S. curriculum.
The most recent additions to our library of learning resources enable students to accompany the victims of slave trade, interact with the plants and animals of the amazon rainforest, study the interior of a jet engine, and explore the intricate construction of the human body.

Within these 3D models and environments, students are able to actively engage with the learning content, therefore firing their enthusiasm towards the subject matter.

Furthermore, the use of audio and the interactive nature of the software, make for a multisensory experience which leads to increased understanding of “hard-to-teach” concepts, and appeals to a variety of different learning styles.

“Children are in a state of educational rapture; learning and laughing, they are being immersed in a multisensory experience where everyone listens, watches, and interacts at the same time.”, says Stephen Appea, Principal at Dr. Rose B. English School in Brooklyn, New York.

“We have already seen a fantastic reception from US schools. Teachers are very quick to understand the merits of 3D learning and have been integrating Gaia 3D in their teaching process with great results”, says Kimberly Greenwald, Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales.

Our success in the United States is one of the many examples of the international range of our activities which include Europe, Russia, China, and countries in the Middle East.

Register now for a free trial of Gaia 3D and join us in a fascinating journey to 21st century learning!

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