Design Technology

Our 3D range of models includes working models of engines, turbines and much more. Take apart an engine turbo and build it back together. View all the working parts of a tractor and see how they relate to each other. These experiences help students to gain knowledge of materials and production processes to design products and produce practical solutions that are relevant and fit for purpose.

Students interact with the models and with each other to explore how products have been designed and made. Through collaboration and discussion, students begin to use their own creativity to develop innovative products and processes.

We interface our software with all the major design packages from AutoCAD Inventor to Solid Works. This allows users to build their own assets and animations and simply incorporate them into our library. These can then be used for group appraisals and critiques. Functionality and aesthetics can be evaluated for design, marketing and usage purposes. This provides children with a state of the art introduction into the actual world of the designer and delivers invaluable industry experience while still in the school setting.

This is only a sample of our content. Our 3D library is constantly expanding, and all new material is immediately available.

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