With models covering atoms, compounds, molecules, elements and advanced concepts like carbon nanotubes, the system can help students learn basic concepts and build on these to understand more complex ideas.

Students begin with the atom as the building block, then learn how these become molecules, compounds and elements and how they interact with each other in the world – all in full 3D detail. All models are fully interactive and can be enhanced by the teacher and students, encouraging participation and engagement.

Complex molecules can be freely manipulated by the user enabling pupils to more easily familiarize themselves with the structure at their own pace. Discover how compounds are created and study the uses, sources and structure of elements. View the periodic table and explore its functions and significance.

The visual learning environment provides the opportunity to teach all of these concepts through a fully interactive system, allowing students to interact with the subject and each other.

This is only a sample of our content. Our 3D library is constantly expanding, and all new material is immediately available.

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