View the Gaia 3D Curriculum 2012-2013

Gaia 3D Curriculum 2012-2013

Our Gaia 3D Curriculum 2012-2013 offers an overview of our curriculum and subjects, which we continually develop with teachers. We have over 2000 3D models in our curriculum and environments. Please feel free to download our curriculum as a PDF.

Gaia 3D Solutions offers schools and students the opportunity to experience a fully interactive and immersive 3D learning experience. Rather than receiving information passively, students engage and investigate the materials, guaranteeing a higher level of participation and comprehension.

We are the leading provider of IT solutions to schools. We can offer bespoke solutions of this unique and affordable teaching programme.

Contact us to receive a free trial of our 3D Viewer:
Inside the UK: 0845 867 4792
Outside the UK: +44 124 867 5800

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