Shelfield Community Academy – leading the way in 3D with Gaia Technologies


Shelfield Community Academy is the first school in the UK to work with Gaia Technologies to embrace and develop the use of 3D technologies in the classroom. Through the implementation of 3D lessons, the school has seen a dramatic improvement in student participation, retention and comprehension. “Teaching in 3D eradicates the time lost in lessons. […]

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Gaia 3D Viewer – Rainforest Environment


Navigate through the Amazon Rainforest using Gaia 3D Software. Navigate through the Amazon and interact with the different plants and animals in the forest. Travel up through the tree canopy and learn about the fauna and flora within. If you are not viewing the video in 3D – Click the 3D icon in order to […]

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Gaia 3D Viewer – The Great Plague Environment


The Great Plague struck Europe between 1664 and 1666, reaching London by July 1665. More than 100,000 people perished in London alone — about 20% of the population — in the devastating Bubonic Plague that had recurred throughout Europe since the Black Death of 1347. In Gaia’s Great Plague environment, teachers and students are able […]

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Gaia 3D Viewer – World War 1 Trenches Environment


Navigate through the front-line trenches and into the shell-proof dugouts in Gaia’s 3D virtual environment. In Gaia’s World War 1 3D environment, teachers and students are able to navigate through the front-line trenches and into the shell-proof dugouts. Throughout the environment, pupils can view, manipulate and add their own objects, including artillery, war posters, and […]

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Gaia 3D Viewer – Rome Environment


Navigate through the streets of ancient Rome in Gaia’s 3D virtual environment. Gaia 3D provides ready-made 3D models for you within Gaia 3D Software, and all objects that Gaia 3D provides are searchable. This will make it easier for teachers and pupils to find specific models. Another key feature is labelling, and in Gaia 3D […]

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DLP 3D Research Results Summary – Professor Anne Bamford


Recent research has established 3D classroom interaction as a viable learning tool. Between October 2010 and May 2011, Professor Anne Bamford led a team of researchers across seven countries to compare the impact of 2D and 3D learning on pupils. The project, “Learning in Future Education (LiFE)” compared 2D and 3D classroom presentations and gathered […]

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Innovate my School LIVE – 09/11/2012

Innovate my School

Innovate My School LIVE is a unique ‘speed dating’ event between teachers and innovative education suppliers. Gaia 3D attended the November 2012 meeting in Liverpool at the Liverpool Association of Secondary Headteachers’ Residential Meeting on 09/11/2012. Martyn Wilks, (Gaia 3D Sales & Account Manager) demonstrated the latest 3D models and environments created by Gaia. For further […]

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Gaia 3D releases six ‘how to’ tutorial videos


These Gaia 3D Software tutorials, explain how to prepare your computer for downloading, installing and licensing Gaia 3D Software. Included are tutorials that cover running the software for the first time, navigating elements, importing and labelling objects.

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What is 3D learning?


Our video demonstrates how 3D learning can be used to effectively teach students new concepts and subjects.

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Gaia 3D Interface video


This video describes the Gaia 3D Interface and how it is easily used to view Gaia’s 3D visual learning content.

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