The Value of 3D to Education and Learning

3D Visuaisation WorldBy Martyn Wilks, Gaia Technologies

3D is one of the technologies currently on the cusp of making a great breakthrough in to the world of education. Of course, it isn’t a new technology but its advance towards becoming part of the school ‘furniture’, has seen a large growth over the last couple of years. This growth is also fuelled by new advances in hardware and software, as well as new approaches for teaching and education. This has led to increasing use of 3D in the classroom to more effectively help students to understand.

Gaia Technologies has witnessed first-hand the benefits that the technology can bring. There is much anecdotal evidence that suggests that 3D directly assists and helps to engage students and getting them more interested in the lesson at hand. This is clearly an extremely valuable tool when trying to enthuse students.

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