New Generation Interactive 3D Learning Launch

Interactive 3D Learning Rain Forest

Gaia Technologies, Europe’s leading 3D interactive learning business, is launching the next generation Gaia 3D solution today. Major developments include improvements to usability and additional content.

With over 2000 3D models across 15 subjects in the Gaia 3D 2012-2013 Curriculum Content & environments, Gaia 3D has worked with teachers and educationalists across the UK and internationally to develop its new generation 3D solution.

Gaia Technologies delivers innovative ICT services to over 500 schools across the UK with increasing numbers adding 3D learning to their teaching firepower in the quest for improving student engagement and educational performance Gaia’s 3D solution is stereoscopic 3D, offering a far more immersive and realistic 3D experience than in cinemas, with objects and environments appearing all around you.

Anas Mawla, Managing Director of Gaia Technologies said “We are looking to work and partner with Schools who are passionate about using our latest technology to drive up standards and excite students about learning. The new 3D 2012-2013 Curriculum Content really brings learning to life across the widest range of 15 subjects from maths and STEM subjects to geography, history and even religious studies. All our new content is syllabus-based and developed in collaboration with educators, teachers and students working with our team of twenty 3D artists and software developers.”

Building on the recent report by Professor Anne Bamford investigating the impact of pupils’ 3D learning, research has already established 3D classroom interaction as a viable and successful learning tool.
Professor Anne Bamford led a team of researchers across seven countries to compare the impact of 2D and 3D learning on pupils. The project, “Learning in Future Education (LiFE)” compared 2D and 3D classroom presentations and gathered results on students’ understanding, interaction, engagement, retention and reinterpretation of information. Observational data was also gathered on communication, attention and classroom behaviour.

According to the LiFE project report: “The results of the study showed consistent reporting of improved test scores. On average, 86% of pupils improved from the pre-test to the post-test in the 3D classes, compared to 52% who improved in the 2D classes.” The project also reported improved individual test scores, with an average of 17% improvement in the 3D classes, compared with 8% improvement in the 2D classes.

Many subjects are easier to teach and understand if you can visualise them. The 3D learning experience places students in virtual environments, allowing them to walk down a street in ancient Rome, visit the outer reaches of the universe or move through the chambers of a beating heart.

Bernard Dickenson, Principal at Shelfield Community Academy said “The Gaia 3D lesson resources enable our teachers to bring learning into the 21st century. Not only are students immediately engaged by these wonderful images, but they remain focused on their learning throughout lessons. More importantly, students thoroughly enjoy a memorable learning experience”.

There are several new interactive environments in Gaia 3D Viewer v2.6 including:

Interactive 3D Learning Rain Forest Digestive SystemThe Rainforest; navigate through the Amazon and interact with the different plants and animals in the forest,

The Heart and Circulatory System; shows an animation of a functioning heart and lungs. See the blood flow through the different organs and learn how the valves function;

Places of Worship; explore a mosque, synagogue and a Buddhist temple and find information about these faiths. View and understand the symbolism of their many artefacts and ancient architecture;

Globes; Trek across a number of globes to find geographical information, including CO2 emissions, average life expectancy and population density;

A Drug House; explore an environment that helps to inform and develop awareness of the effects of harmful substances such as cocaine, cannabis, alcohol and heroin;

Two main developments in content search and labelling will make Gaia 3D Software easier for teachers and students to use. Gaia 3D already provides ready-made 3D models within Gaia 3D Software. However, now all objects that Gaia provides are searchable. This will make it easier for teachers and pupils to find specific models, and models that may be of interest to use in lessons.

Gaia are offering free sample packs of its new generation 3D solution worth £100 to head teachers and senior school teams which includes the latest software, the 2012-2013 Curriculum Content and a free pair of active shutter 3D glasses. Contact Gaia Technologies at 0845 867 4792 or to request your free sample pack.

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