The Big Apple goes 3D!

Extra Day Added, now on May 14th through to May 17th!

Gaia Technologies are inviting a select number of principals and other educational leaders to a showcase of our 3D instructional materials at the New York Millenium Hilton Hotel May 14-17.  Open to Instructional Leaders interested in learning about and pioneering state of the art advances in learning tools for their students and teachers.

Experience and evaluate the stereoscopic 3D interactive learning system developed in the UK.  

During our first visit to the US, we will share with the NY education community results being achieved by UK schools using the 3D instructional materials we have developed.

The opportunity to experience and critically evaluate:

  • Easy to use interactive 3D software that truly engages students and significantly increases learning outcomes
  • Extensive content available across the curriculum for students in grades K-12, and fully compatible with the Common Core State Standards
  • 3D software that teachers can creatively use to accommodate the needs of their students and differentiate instruction

The showcase is free of charge. Please register at: but events are filling up quickly and numbers are limited.

New York City will be our ONLY stop in the US this time around.

As one of our eager learners, 13 year old R.P. says, “I never heard the bell when it was time to go home. My dad had to come and drag me out of the classroom.”

We believe students in the Big Apple will have a similar experience.


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