New Gaia 3D Update Out Now!


We are very excited to announce version 2.7 of the Gaia 3D Viewer. With this release come all new 3D models and environments, enhanced customisation and content in the choice of different languages.
Keep reading for a preview of our new, exciting features!

Full Customization

Gaia 3D enables you to import your own content! From text to paintings and audiovisual files, students and teachers are free to create their own virtual portfolios!

Multilingual Content

From Spanish and Russian to Arabic and Chinese, Gaia 3D now gives you the option to navigate through our library in different languages!


Travel back in time and witness the culture of Native Americans, as well as their final battle to preserve their traditional way of life.

Weather Systems

Our partnership with the Royal Meteorological Society enables us to provide a thorough study of meteorological phenomena and their impact on our built environment!

A Beating Heart

Now you can utilise a heart monitor with Gaia 3D. Take control of our digital heart with your own heartbeat and print the graph of your heart rate!

War Trenches

Nearing 100 years since World War 1, we can now go back and experience life in the trenches. A fully interactive and customisable environment immerses you in the grim reality of trench warfare.

The History Of Slave Trade

Accompany the victims of slave trade in their ill-fated journey around the globe. Discover the political and economic reasons which led to the horrors of our past.

The Amazon Rainforest

Featuring new, improved usability, point & click navigation and new plant and animal species to discover, our rainforest environment becomes a fascinating journey into the wild!

Static Electricity

How often have you experienced a static shock while touching an object? Now you can go behind the scenes, study the atom’s structure, and the fascinating interactions between its particles!

States of Matter

Solid, Liquid, and Gas, the three states of matter that we experience every day. Witness how the constant movement of microscopic particles gives form to the world that surrounds us!

Tectonic Plates

Gaia’s Tectonic Plates model will show you how the continuous movement of giant rock formations is shaping the Earth’s surface.

The Human Body 2

The science of life comes alive before your eyes! Study the four stages of mitosis, explore the intricate building blocks of the human body and visualise nature’s greatest miracle!


The process of photosynthesis nourishes the plants while sustaining our oxygen needs. Gaia3D will teach you the mechanics and importance of this symbiotic relationship.

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