Gaia Technologies Launches 3D Interactive Learning Resource

Gaia Technologies announces the launch of its new 3D Visual Learning Solution. After 4 years of development, the product is now available for use in schools across the country. The 3D learning resource aims to extend the reach of conventional learning resources by demonstrating the positive effect that visual learning can have on the student, the classroom and the entire school.

Gaia’s 3D Immersive Visual Learning resource changes the dynamic of learning as students learn through observation rather than by instruction,” explained Anas Mawla, Managing Director of Gaia Technologies plc. “By using our 3D visual learning system, teachers spend less time explaining, as students are able to understand complex relationships and techniques through individual observation.”

This new learning resource is changing the way in which students interact with teaching and learning. Interactive visual learning is substantially enhancing the way in which information is absorbed by students. And the transition from traditional text book teaching to a 3D visual learning experience has been enthusiastically welcomed by students at several schools and academies across the UK.

Students are all engaged and excited to be learning”, commented Michael Murphy, Head of Humanities faculty at Shelfield Community Academy in Walsall. And as a result of that enthusiasm, the teaching process has become more effective and efficient. “A lesson that would normally take 60 minutes can now be conducted in 35 minutes, leaving almost half the lesson period available to expand on what has been learned. Using the 3D learning resource I can teach 30% more that I can in a normal classroom!”

Gaia have developed a variety of 3D software solutions all designed for use in education. All learning content is syllabus-based and heavily influenced by teachers and students – who can also create and incorporate their own content directly into the system.  Each lesson can be further enhanced by the teacher with the capability to quickly and easily embed external videos, web links, multimedia files and digital assets directly into the lessons provided. The content library is available for use and is packaged with the Gaia 3D Viewer.

The Viewer allows users to individually determine the path they wish to travel inside any 3D environment. Different viewer options offer a variety of capabilities from animated sequences to environmental controls. The interface can be operated by both teacher and student and allows the user to not only manipulate models but step through animations, control model transparency, journey through environments and enter data that will be reflected within the model. “The viewer has been designed for ease of use”, explained Jon Rashid, Gaia’s Head of 3D Development. “It is designed to work with many different 3D formats – from stereoscopic to anaglyph and side by side – without neglecting the fact that many lessons are still extremely valid even when run on a non 3D computer. The entire system has been designed with the classroom in mind. The simple interface requires no training and teachers are able to start teaching lessons in 3D straight away” concluded Rashid.

Gaia 3D Visual Learning Solutions also incorporate a range of hardware ranging from high-end systems for large spaces to personal devices for individual users. “Seeing images come to life in 3D cements learning in a way that cannot be achieved through standard projection” commented Jim Wade, Principal of JCB Academy in Staffordshire. All solutions have been packaged to provide high quality imagery at affordable prices to meet the needs of any educational environment.

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